About the Company

After more than 20 years of love and dedication to the pet industry in different countries, Doggies Fashion founder Milagros Ruiz decided to complete her experience and develop an exclusive line for pets.

Following the same philosophy she always used when developing previous and successful pet products, Milagros gathered the best designers and jewelers along carefully picked materials, to develop a new level of style for those furry little friends.

Doggies Fashion is preparing a collection based in the idea that pet comfort and safety can coexist with the last trends of "Haute-Couture" and luxury.

If you would like to receive exclusive access to our collection or offer our products in your boutiqueplease contact us.


Our Vision

- We devote most of our efforts to guaranty not only beauty but also safety in every piece.

- A healthy pet should the first priority; style is the next basic need.

- A diamond ring looses value if your pet is not wearing a proper collar.

- A marvelous looking pet is the clear sign of the owner’s love.

- Your carrying bag should be comfortable for you, for your pet, but also for the eyes that look at both of you.

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